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Workplace & Vehicle Accident Reports

This work mainly involves road traffic accidents but also includes accidents that take place in the home, workplace, and on commercial premises.

  • Trace witnesses and take detailed Statements in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules. Provide a detailed report giving a summary of the interview and an assessment of the witness.
  • Interview any involved party on the instructions of their Insurer. Take a detailed CPR compliant Statement.
  • Provide a detailed report and assessment of person interviewed.
  • Produce a detailed accident locus report including a sketch plan together with indexed photographs. The locus report is very detailed, giving the condition of the road, the prevailing traffic signals, speed limits, hazards, traffic flow etc. Accurate measurements are taken and a sketch plan created. Photographs are taken and marked on the plan to indicate the direction and position of each photograph.
  • Upon conclusion, a comprehensive report will be submitted with our findings.
  • Our agent can support the client in court.

Although our services are utilized mainly by the legal profession, insurance companies and businesses we do take instructions from private clients.

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Free, Confidential advice 01934 744649 07974 946559 Contact Us