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With knowledgeable, disciplined and highly resourceful staff, Marron & Cooke are the right choice for all your investigation needs in the South West and the UK.

We provide an extensive investigation service to Business and Private Clients as well as the Legal Profession, Local Authorities and Industry

Corporate Fraud

A quarter of small businesses in the UK will suffer theft or fraud by employees this year. We specialize in establishing the facts and building the case for our client. The investigations can range from the interrogation of company systems and procedures to installing covert cameras to establish which members of staff are stealing stock or cash. We can employ the electronic tracking of company vehicles and personnel.

Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent insurance claims are a significant problem in the UK and growing .We help establish the true facts and merits of the claim, whether the claim is for personal injury or the loss of or damage to property. We offer discreet covert surveillance to establish the facts.

Criminal Investigations

Taking instructions from the legal profession we undertake inquiries prior to trial to verify facts, check alibis and take statements.

Status Inquiries

If you are considering taking legal action against a company or an individual we offer an in- depth exploration service to establish if the subject has sufficient assets to satisfy any court claim prior to incurring legal costs. A status or “life-style” report may also be used as part of a due diligence inquiry before entering into a business transaction with an, as yet, unknown party.

These reports can reveal additional business or other conflicting issues, CCJ’s or insolvency related information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you read emails, text or messages from people’s phones

A: The definition of phone hacking is:-

The action or practice of gaining unauthorised access to data stored in another person’s phone especially to access their voicemail. Enough Said!

Free, Confidential advice 01934 744649 07974 946559 Contact Us