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A significant amount of our work involves surveillance in one form or another.

Marron & Cooke Investigations utilises the latest equipment and vehicles to suit an endless variety of situations.

Personal Injury

Video surveillance of a Claimant whilst engaged in their normal day to day activities is often the only way to see if reality concurs with the alleged disability.

Absenteeism / Work Related

We provide a service for large and small businesses to combat malingerers in the workplace and dishonest employees.

Fraud & Theft

We can install covert cameras to capture evidence of the thief or fraudster. Instructions can be tailored to meet individual requirements, providing solutions that are both covert and cost effective.


We appreciate that this is a very sensitive subject. Confidentiality is our watchword and discretion is paramount. Other subjects we investigate are:-

  • Adoption Inquiry
  • Missing Persons
  • Prenuptial
  • Nuisance Neighbour
  • Peace of Mind Inquiry

GPS Tracking

We are able to install covert tracking devices on both vehicles and goods and then monitor them “live”. This will show their location and the route it is taking in “real time”. We can provide an historic daily report of movement including the time, day, date and location with great accuracy.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much does surveillance cost?

A: A cost can only be given once all the details of your case are known .We advise the use of surveillance only where absolutely necessary and for the shortest period so talk to a member of the team for FREE impartial advice.

Free, Confidential advice 01934 744649 07974 946559 Contact Us