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Nationwide tracing service to find missing people

Each year thousands of people abscond and businesses move on without giving forwarding addresses, leaving unpaid creditors owed millions of pounds.

At Marron & Cooke we provide a premium, nationwide tracing service which identifies and locates individuals quickly and efficiently.

All our trace work complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We Provide the following tracing services:-


From the tenant that does a runner to the “serial debtor” who methodically fleeces people we are able to trace with unprecedented success.


Whether a person observed an industrial or vehicle accident, or witnessed a crime they can be essential to our client’s case. As we have access to the best data bases and long experience in the business we enjoy a very high success rate.


An accused person in a lawsuit may wish to avoid or even not know of a court appearance. It is essential for the smooth running of the courts that they are found and attend court on time.


We find these people for a negotiated fee and not a commission.

Missing Persons

People disappear for a variety of reasons and sometimes want or need a bridge and helping hand to get back to their families but the first task is to find them.

Family & Friends

With people being so mobile these days it only takes a couple of moves to break contact with those people who have played an important part in your life.

Natural Parents / Adoption

This is a very sensitive area of our work which is carried out with the utmost discretion.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I have so little information what do you need?

A: Every scrap of information is helpful but the basic name (spelt correctly and in the correct order as given at birth), the Date of Birth and the last known address (even if this is many years old) is a starting point for an electronic search, which for Marron & Cooke is over 90% successful.

Free, Confidential advice 01934 744649 07974 946559 Contact Us